• Jason Fisher

Bike Park Day

We are so lucky here in Hope to have access to one of the best community bike parks in BC and de facto Canada. It has something for everyone. A fabulous expert section with huge gap jumps, a great progression jump section, a large pump track, a skill development area with ladders and humpty-dumps (A's term), as well as a gromet pump track and a 150 ft log ride nicknamed logzilla by builder Hootz Jay.

I have recently purchased a steady-cam and have wanted to get out to practice with it as well as try to determine the best set up to head out filming on my bike with the right equipment. I think I have determined the best weight to need ration of the equipment I want to bring. I think the set up will allow me to capture panning shots both vertically and horizontally as well as to follow subjects. The following is in my kit right now:

- 75mm bowl head tripod

- 8' Carbon jib crane with ball head attachment

- Carbon steadycam

- Sony a6300

- Sigma 30mm lens

- Canon FD 70-205mm lens

As a family we try to take advantage of the park as much as we can. I go there often, and now my son has shown a lot of interest in getting out to the park on his run bike. We had a nice day in town the other day so we headed out as a family to the park and this is the resulting video. Enjoy!


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